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About the Challenge

The Big Bristol Travel Challenge is a great way to get active this July!

Leave your car at home and walk, ride, run, skate, scoot or take public transport for more of your everyday journeys.


What is the Challenge?

The challenge is a fun, free tool to help you boost your health and wellbeing this July. Everyone who lives or works in Bristol can take part and there’s lots of help and encouragement available throughout the month.

Take part by yourself and set targets and goals then track your progress on your personal dashboard. We will help keep you going with prizes and tips every week. Don’t forget to check out the rewards bank, we have some great discounts for you to unlock. Watch out for your weekly e newsletter sent every Monday afternoon in July. We will send you some great tips to keep you busy and will be announcing prize winners!

Sign up your workplace and join up with others to create a team and see how far you can go! Taking part in this friendly competition could help you all to keep the momentum up. Set some team goals, collect badges for your efforts and climb the leaderboard to the top spot!

Whether you want to try getting a bit fitter, switch up some old habits or try out a new way of getting to work, sign up today and from 1st July you can start logging your journeys.

Which journeys count?

You can include walking, cycling, running, scooting rolling and public transport journeys. You will find a great list of options when you log a journey. Electric bike trips are an option!

You can include journeys made to work, to the shops or local amenities, to a leisure facility or meeting friends and the school run.

You can also include any trips you make which are for leisure only. It all counts so if you are getting out and about with a walk or ride, join in too and be rewarded for your efforts. If you are working from home, we can also encourage you to get out for some fresh air and exercise.

Everyone is welcome and we will be there to support you along the way. Register today and join the Big Bristol Travel Challenge!

How do I win?


Remember that to climb the leaderboard you must make and log lots of journeys rather than a small number of long journeys.

We want to see you making regular changes to your everyday local trips and commute.

We will be celebrating your success with weekly focused prizes along the way, as well as putting the top ten from the leaderboard into a grand prize draw at the end of July.


If you have entered or joined your workplace or organisation, your individual journeys also count towards your workplace total. The winning workplace in each size category will be the one that has the highest level of participation.

Spread the word at your workplace and encourage your colleagues to leave the car at home and get to work in other ways, or to take some exercise during the day.

Logging just one journey is enough to be included as a participant, helping your team to climb the leaderboard. We're hoping you will be encouraged to make your new ways of travelling a habit.