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so grateful for this community

Instead of getting into the car and going to the main shopping centre, I walked to the local shop! So nice to be in the sunshine instead of being stuck in a car.

big up Gary, massive legend

I ride a tricycle as my age and balance problems make this safer than bike I used to ride

how do i stop strava tracking me when i get in my home?! help me

connecting activity from Strava directly saves lots of efforts. Well-done. I hope others enjoying this as well :)

The bus took a diversion this morning - some new sights to see out of the window!

Been cycling to work now for several weeks as an alternative to the car or catching a bus. Feel much better physically! Alert for my shifts, clearer minded and prepared. Also a big bonus is avoiding any parking charges. If you can, choose cycling or running to set you up for your shift.

Lovely to walk through Bedminster and see all the new street art. Feeling great about walking more.


mmhhhh nice buzz in the air today AND i avodied trafic

Disabled person, walking or mobility scooter is my regular modes of transport.

walking ot work

wlaking to work