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Walked to Imperial today with my mum and it was really safe and the walk was really what we needed

Been hitting the gym this week for at least 4 hours a week! not always the more intense workout but a mixture of swimming and everything has been so GOOD for the mind!

One thing i love about walking is how you can put one foot in front of the other and take steps to places! god the thrill

Walking is great because you can get to see people and meet different people in the community

Cycled to DHI Warmley to mend bikes for clients as part of Social Cycle. Bad weather stopped our planned group cycle ride to Bitton.

Cycled to my son's school sports day and back!

Great little walk through several of Bristols city centre parks! C'mon Folium we've got this!

This trip was done using Westlink, from Shirehampton to Axbridge , total cost was £8

The bus journey to work was pleasant.

Just arrived back from Glastonbury - my legs are knackered already! Had my bike vandilised in Bristol sadly so can't wait to get back on this / be active again by borrowing my housemates bike etc :)

I walk to and back from work in Clifton 5 days a week. I travel by bus and train to Gloucester every Saturday

Looking forward to the Challenge starting in July. It is a great way to motivate yourself to try out different ways to move around or travel to work. Went for a lovely cycle ride with a friend yesterday morning before working from home.

Excited about the start of the challenge in July! Loved my cycle in to the centre this morning.